Our Work

Curious as to what we have been up to? We invite you to explore the main pursuits of our Mission, and hopefully along the way, you’ll see something that you never knew existed in Buckhead!


Tour of Harmony Grove CemeteryBuckhead Heritage strives to preserve significant historic resources that contribute to the quality of life in Buckhead.  In addition to protecting significant structures and landscapes, Buckhead Heritage is interested in preserving Buckhead’s intangible resources.  Learn more about our preservation efforts, including our work to relocate the historic Randolph-Lucas House, our award-winning efforts to rehabilitate Harmony Grove Cemetery, our fight to preserve Mt. Olive Cemetery, and our continuing project to record and preserve oral histories.



Buckhead Heritage endeavors to foster a conscious respect within the community for its rich and diverse history through interpretive programs. Buckhead Heritage recently developed a Master Interpretive Plan for the community that will guide the organization in creating innovative interpretive programs that will be integrated into the Buckhead Collection of parks, trails, and plazas in the community.