The Pete Rolader (1924-1911) was a descendant of one of the original Buckhead families. Mr. Rolader attended Emory University Law School and practiced law in the Atlanta area for over fifty years. He was chairman of the board of trustees at Sardis United Methodist Church, where many of his ancestors attended church.

Abstract of Interview

Pete Roader talks about the history of his family. He describes the log cabin off Moores Mill Road in which his family resided for generations. Mr. Rolader also discusses his family’s businesses including its pottery operation as well as the family’s property around Buckhead. In addition, he talks about everyday life at Sardis Church.

Interview conducted by Chad Wright, July 19, 2010.

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In the video clip, Pete Rolader recounts how his grandfather, William Washington Rolader, gave his children property along Moores Mill Road across from the Rolader cabin in the Buckhead. He goes on to describe how Homer Rolader woke the clan up each Christmas morning with a 12 gauge shotgun.

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