Buckhead Heritage Oral History Project

In 2009, Buckhead Heritage began recording oral history interviews in an effort to preserve personal recollections of the community’s history and evolution. With over 50 to date, we continue to record stories of Buckhead told by those who lived them so that future generations can have access to the knowledge and culture that preceded them. If you have stories worth telling or know someone who might, please contact us at info@buckheadheritage.com. Buckhead Heritage has conducted the following oral history interviews. Click on the name of the interviewee below to read a short biography, link to the transcript, if available, and view select video excerpts from interviews.


Recent Oral Histories

E Rivers Ghost at Duck Pond

Daugherty, Ed

Demo Galaktiadis at White House

Dubose, Bo

Pace, Hardy Ghost at Mansion Tour

Few, Moses


Oral Histories by Name

Alexander, Cecil A.

Bond, Mose

Booker, Christine & Brenda P. Vickery

Broyles, Norris A., Jr.

Daugherty, Ed

Demo Galaktiadis

Drake, David

Dubose, Bo

Durrett, Jr., James Frazer

Edge, Bob

Eib, Tina

Ellis, Harriet Witham

Few, Moses

Foreman, Jr., Robert Langdon

Foster, Eleanor Eidson

Gilham, Harry L.

Grady, IV, Henry Woodfin

Howell, Henry

Knox, VI, John Summerville

Lowance,  Dr. David C.

Lowance, Mason and Susan

Massell, Sam

Nixon, Albert

Osby, Elon Butts

Ottley, Jr., John K.

Ottley, Sr., J. Dudley

Pace, Hardy

Pulgram, Bill; Pulgram, Lucia; and Word, William at the North Buckhead Civic Association Fall Fling

Rolader, Donald (Pete) William

Rosenthal, Fran

Stevens, Jr., Preston S.

Walker, Charlotte

Williams, Eva

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