Buckhead Historical Markers

In the fall of 2010, Angelica Dion, in collaboration with Georgia State University and the Buckhead Heritage Society, mapped all of the historical markers that are located within the Buckhead area boundaries, which were adopted by the Atlanta Regional Commission in 1991. The study area encompasses approximately 28 square miles. To compile the comprehensive listing of historical markers in Buckhead, Angelica used information from the 2012 Buckhead Guidebook, published yearly by the Buckhead Coalition, the Georgia Historical Society, and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia. For more detailed information about the project methodology, click here. Below is an interactive map showing the sixty-two historical markers in Buckhead.


View Historical Markers in Buckhead in a larger map


With ArcGIS software, Angelica created maps that illustrate what aspects of Buckhead history have been recognized by historical markers and the years that the markers represent. Click on the links below to see these maps.

Buckhead’s Historical Markers By Theme

Years Represented by Historical Markers in Buckhead

As part of the data analysis, Angelica used the ArcGIS software to generate charts that further illustrate the trends and distribution of Buckhead’s historical markers. Click on the links below to see these charts. (In the “Chart of Buckhead’s Historical Markers by Theme,” CD=Community Development, CW=Civil War, ES=Early Settlement, HF=Historical Figure, RS=Religious Site, and WM=War Memorial)

Chart of Buckhead’s Historical Markers by Theme

Chart of Buckhead’s Historical Markers by Year Represented

Chart of Buckhead’s Historical Markers by Year Designated


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