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John King Ottley, Jr., is a descendant of a long-standing Atlanta family. He was born in 1931 and grew up on Rivers Road in Buckhead. During the 1950s, Mr. Ottley was an Army aviator. He later made a name for himself working for the Southern Society of Orthodontists (SSO). He retired from the SSO in 1996.

Abstract of Interview

In the interview, Mr. Ottley discusses his career path that led him from being a lieutenant in the Army to an executive at the Southern Society of Orthodontists. Mr. Ottley also discusses his school days in Buckhead and the neighborhood that he grew up in on Rivers Road. He reminisces about playing at his grandfather’s estate, known as Joyeuse, which is now the site of Lenox Square Mall. He also recalls the kidnapping of his grandfather, John King Ottley, Sr.

Interview by Wright Mitchell, Chad Wright, and James Ottley (son), February 21, 2010.

To request a copy of the transcript and an accompanying addendum provided by Mr. Ottley, please contact Buckhead Heritage at 404-467-9447 or info@buckheadheritage.com.


In the video clip below, John K. Ottley, Jr. discusses Joyeuse, the home of his father John K. Ottley, Sr., who was the president of First National Bank in Atlanta. The cottage and accompanying bridle trails were located on property along Peachtree Road where Lenox Square stands today.

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