Albert Matthews Nixon was born in Atlanta and lived on Chatham and Tuxedo Roads in early childhood.   Mr. Nixon then lived with his parents and brother in his grandmother’s home, now known as the Vaughn Nixon house located at 3083 Andrews Drive.  His grandfather, Vaughn Nixon, built the house in 1925 but was deceased by the time Mr. Nixon and his family came to live there.  His parents later moved their family to Thomaston and bought a cattle ranch and a Royal Crown Cola bottling company. After he learned to drive, Mr. Nixon would come to Atlanta to visit his family and old friends, as well as attend functions and debutante balls.  The Vaughn Nixon house was sold after the death of his grandmother in 1964.  Mr. Nixon now serves as President of Atlantic Fountains and resides in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Abstract of Interview

Mr. Nixon recalls his childhood living in the Vaughn Nixon house, which was built by his grandparents in 1925.  Room by room Mr. Nixon shares memories of the home and his family.  He also talks about his family lineage.  Christmas and Easter memories and favorite recipes from family meals are also shared.  Mr. Nixon reminisces about his day to day life in the Vaughn Nixon house and the names of staff employed by his grandmother, as well as neighboring families and their children who were his playmates.

Interview conducted by Chad Wright and John Snodgrass on November 16, 2014.

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Al Nixon discusses what became of the Atlanta Woolen Mills smokestack.




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