Born at Piedmont Hospital in 1944, Tina Eib remembers growing up in Buckhead with great fondness. She lived with her parents and two older brothers first on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and later on Loridans Drive. Mrs. Eib attended local Buckhead schools, spent her Saturdays at the Buckhead Theatre, accompanied her mother to Molly’s Beauty Parlor, and took charm school classes with other Buckhead girls at local department stores in Buckhead. After attending the University of South Carolina and majoring in Drama and English, Mrs. Eib has been a high school drama teacher, playwright, drama producer, and director. Currently residing in Columbia, South Carolina, Mrs. Eib now enjoys teaching drama classes at her church.

Abstract of Interview

Tina Eib discusses where she lived with her family in Buckhead and her father’s meat packing company on Howell Mill Road. She talks about the neighborhood along Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and a small African-American community near her parents’ home. Mrs. Eib discusses stores and shops along Peachtree Roadin Buckhead including Wender & Robert’s, Pinckard’s Cleaner’s, and Crystal’s Junior Deb Shop among others. She discusses Buckhead landmarks such as the Buckhead Theatre, Lenox Square Mall and the Phipps estate where Phipps Plaza stands today. Mrs. Eib talks about her parents’ friendly relationship with Governor Talmadge and his wife and family visits to the Talmadge’s vacation home in Lovejoy,Georgia. She talks about her schooling years and a special group called the “DGHRs” that she and twelve other girlfriends formed during high school. She discusses meeting her husband at the University of South Carolina and her passion for teaching high school drama.

Interview conducted by Erica Danylchak, June 18, 2012.

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Tina Eib discusses one of the many dinners her family had with Governor Talmadge and his family. At this particular one, Tina’s father served the Governor a steak from his meat packing company, Southeastern Meat Company. However, when Mr. Talmadge asked for a specific condiment for his steak, the younger Tina Eib protested.

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