Several vibrant black enclaves dotted the Buckhead community and its environs in the early 20th century, including Johnsontown, Bagley Park, Piney Grove, and Willistown. In 1930, nearly 20% of Buckhead’s total population was black. The rise of these black neighborhoods coincided with the growth of white neighborhoods along Peachtree Road. The residents of Johnsontown, Piney Grove, and Bagley Park found a steady stream of employment opportunities with the affluent families of these flourishing white neighborhoods.

The 1940s and 1950s saw a decline in the black population in Buckhead, however, for several reasons. Commercial and residential redevelopment displaced many black residents. Many blacks also gravitated toward new residential developments on the west side of Atlanta which were easily accessible to all parts of the city by new, efficient bus routes.

Today, few remnants remain of these once vibrant communities. Explore more about their rich history by clicking on the following links.

Bagley Park


Piney Grove



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