In 1939, Eva Williams was born in Ideal, Georgia. Her family moved from the farming community of Ideal to the west side of Atlanta when she was six. Her father worked at Singer Sewing Machine Company. Eva Williams attended Anderson Park Elementary School and Turner High School. She went to Atlanta Area Tech in the 1970s, gaining a technical education in the field of printing. Williams worked in two main fields, industry and domestic, switching back and forth throughout her life. She is still working with many families in the Atlanta area.

Abstract of Interview

Eva Williams speaks of her life in rural Ideal, Georgia, and the transition that occurred after her family moved to Atlanta. She discusses religion and the joy of being around children. Williams recalls her work in both industry and domestic work, mentioning how much easier it used to be to travel from one point of the city to another. She discusses the growth of Atlanta, which led to her being displaced from both her home and her job.
Interview by Erica Danylchak, November 22, 2011.


In the following excerpt, Eva Williams discusses how Buckhead has changed from a primarily residential community to a commercial one.

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