Harmony Grove Headstone Repairs

In 2011, Buckhead Heritage spearheaded the repair of seven headstones at historic Harmony Grove Cemetery to ensure their long-term preservation. Read more about the project in the Buckhead Patch.

Buckhead Heritage sincerely thanks the following donors who contributed to the Harmony Grove Cemetery Repair Fund and made the repair of these headstones possible:

Claudia & John Barnes Susan Bronson Croft Carolyn & Bruce Mitchell
Tamara Bazzle C. L. Fain Jill & Donald Toth
Amy & Hardy Brumfield Arlene Helget Mary Moncure Watson
F. H. Boyd Coons Mary Ellen May  

View the before and after pictures below!

August Krause’s Headstone:

The loose slab was attached to the main portion of the headstone and the edges were sealed to prevent water penetration.

Krause Headstone, BeforeKrause Headstone, After

Miss R.A. Ervin’s Headstone:

Stainless steel pins were inserted to hold the headstone pieces together and color-matched epoxy was used to adhere the pieces together. In addition, the base was leveled and mortar was used to stabilize the slab in the base.

Ervin Headstone, BeforeErvin Headstone, After

James H. Smith’s False Crypt:

The cracked crypt was disassembled and a concrete base was poured to serve as a stable foundation. The pieces were then reassembled and three stainless steel pins were inserted into the slab to hold the structure together. The pieces were also adhered together with color-matched epoxy. Finally, the crypt was carefully cleaned.

James H. Smith False Crypt, BeforeJames H. Smith False Crypt, After

Infant Smith’s False Crypt:

A stable foundation was created for the false crypt and the loose end slab was adhered to the rest of the structure with color-matched epoxy. The crypt was then carefully cleaned.

Infant Smith False Crypt, BeforeInfant Smith False Crypt, After

Smith Family Monument:

The Smith family monument, which stood precariously on a stacked stone base, was lifted with a chain hoist and put aside. The stacked stones were removed and a concrete slab was poured to serve as a stable foundation. The stacked stones were then reassembled and adhered to the slab with mortar to stabilize the base. The monument was then reinstalled.

Smith Monument, BeforeSmith Monument, DuringSmith Monument, After

Martha Smith’s Headstone:

The slab was stabilized in its base with mortar. A color-matched fill was used on the crack to prevent water penetration and further damage.

Martha Smith's Headstone, BeforeMartha Smith's Headstone, After

Mary Johns’s headstone:

The slab was secured in its base with mortar. Prior to the repair, the slab could be lifted completely out of its base.

Mary Johns's Headstone, BeforeMary Johns's Headstone, After

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