Brenda P. Vickery was born in Macon, Georgia, in 1942. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Mercer University in 1964 and a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Emory University in 1965. From 1967 to 2008, she was the Head Nurse/Clinical Nurse Supervisor at Peachtree Park Pediatrics in Buckhead.
Christine Booker, a native Atlantan born in 1927, began working for Dr. Blumberg and Dr. Funkhouser at their pediatrics practice on Ponce de Leon Avenue in 1951; the practice later became known as Peachtree Park Pediatrics when it moved to 47 Peachtree Park Drive in Buckhead in 1966. Booker served as the practice’s receptionist until 1996. Although not formally trained in nursing, Booker provided nursing support to the doctors as well.

Abstract of Interview

Christine Booker and Brenda P. Vickery discuss in detail the origins, evolution, and inner workings of Peachtree Park Pediatrics. The practice, which was originally located on Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, moved to Buckhead in 1966. Booker and Vickery describe the impetus for the practice’s move to Buckhead and the innovative layout of the Buckhead office, which they refer to as “drive-through pediatrics.” They discuss the typical doctor’s and patient’s experiences over time, including house calls, insurance, and privacy issues. They also describe their relationships with the patients and how those connections have changed over time.
Interview by Chad Wright, September 11, 2011.


In the following video excerpt, Brenda Vickery describes how Buckhead has become more transient over time.


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